Belgrade E-bikes

is strongly committed to a sustainable way of living. This coincide with the fact that the e-bike tour is the best way to get about the City with its beautiful sights and history. This could not be experienced by pedal bikes because Belgrade is relatively hilly and hard to cruise. Our motto is “Relax and enjoy your surroundings” knowing you’re in safe hands as you ride with our knowledgeable e-guide application. This is the perfect opportunity to discover the rich history that makes Belgrade so extraordinary. E-guided tours are not only fun but informative and designed for all skill levels.

Enjoy our unique Electric Bike E-Guided Tour across the city! The tour features our custom electric bikes with a strong pedal assist. This tour is great for riders who want direction from our e-guide software and are looking for a boost up any hills. Alternatively, you can opt for hourly rentals and use our bikes on your own wishes.

The easiest way to book your e-bike tour is to fill out our online booking form. But feel free to use e-mail or phone if you prefer. The booking will be definitive as soon as the booking confirmation has been sent to you. Please take a look at our Terms and Conditions. Our company prides itself in flexibility, efficiency and customer service. This results in direct and fast answers to all your questions and rapid confirmation of your reservation.


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